Missing Component When Attempting To Email From Quickbooks



I have wasted about 6 hours trying to figure out this crazy issue. Works totally fine on windows 10 but these new windows 11 machines keep saying missing component and then suggest running tools hub and repairing print and pdf using their tool. I have also gone through the article provided by quickbooks with no luck as well as spending 2 hours on a support call with a tier 2 tech who said they cant help and have tried everything.

The Solution

To simply fix this issue: Hit the start button> Search turn windows features on or off > Scroll down to Microsoft XPS Document Writer > Enable and Reboot.

Please feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit from this post. I’ve spent hours on google trying to find this exact solution and wish I had come across it many hours ago. I hope the above solution helps anyone and everyone with this same problem.

If you’d like any help resolving this issue feel free to reach out Contact Me

Thanks for reading.



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