Meraki Client VPN vs Dell Optimizer

Connected but no internet access

Over the past month I have had a few users experience the issue of being able to connect to the VPN and use the internal resources but they could not access the internet or their email which needs internet in order to send and receive mail.

After spending hours upon hours trying to figure out a solution which included fully updating all drivers as well as the bios, I was able to resolve the issue with the help of reddit user nh5x.

The culprit: Dell Optimizer

The Solution: Start > Apps & Features > Remove Dell Optimizer > Reboot.

Yup it was that simple. Please feel free to share this with anyone who might benefit from this post. I’ve spent hours on google trying to find this exact solution and wish I had come across it many hours ago.

I hope the above solution helps anyone and everyone with this same problem.

Thanks for reading.


My original reddit post:

If you’d like any help resolving this issue feel free to reach out Contact Me


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